Living fearlessly

Those who market or seek power through fear do so not because they have nothing else to offer, but because their filters cannot see beyond their own inner fears and limitation.

“To live fearlessly is to actively practice peace and non-violence, even when it seems like we’re being threatened.”
~Alberto Villodo~

Our energy has a significant impact on those around us. When we embody peace in the face of challenging situations, our presence impacts others and thus, we are able to collectively shift to a higher level of consciousness.
There are always productive, inclusive and loving ways to address imbalance in our experience. They key is to begin within. As we heal our own imbalances, they no longer create filters through which we interpret personal and world events. We are then able to build collaborative relationships based on common ground.
The awakened spirit has the capacity to see beyond the roles and mechanisms of the ego to the infinite soul within (even if that person cannot see it himself). There is no need to create an enemy or something to fight against. We see all as an opportunity to teach, to awaken and to love.
Today my intention is to bring an unprotected heart to our meeting place.


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