Living consciously

Nothing matters more than your state of consciousness.
That’s Right! I am willing to walk my talk and speak my truth with integrity
Thoughts can create terrible discontent and unhappiness when the “What ifs?” become more important than the present moment. No matter what unfolds, you have the ability to face it with strength and integrity. Living in the Now brings all your energy, passion, intuition and talent to the forefront where you can creatively navigate through whatever experiences life has to offer.
The mind, on the other hand, can debilitate by sending one’s energy on a wild goose chase. It imagines every possible scenario, considers the worst, most painful outcomes and attempts to prepare for, or try to avoid, failure, thus diffusing one’s precious energy and resources.
Peace is yours Now. The way to determine how far you have come on the path of transformation is to observe the amount of peacefulness you experience each and every day.
Today my intention is to receive whomever comes into my experience as an honored guest
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