Live life fully

The point of the human experience is to live life fully. Everyone finds inspiration, satisfaction and fulfillment in their own unique way – that’s the beauty of employing free will in an infinite Universe.
That’s right! Love operates in all of my relationships from the most casual to the most intimate

How well we have lived is determined by the amount of joy we allow ourselves to experience in the present moment. It motivates. It compels us to act and interact with freedom and openness.

How well we have loved reflects the degree of healing we have experienced. As we drop the blockages to love that we carry, kindness abounds in myriad ways.  The light, love and laughter of the Divine shines through us in each and every interaction.

Letting go is the greatest gift of all. In a world of constant transition, the ability to honor each step of the path while seeking the joy that awaits discovery within shifting relationships, changing seasons, and ultimately within ourselves is to honor the evolution of the spirit. Resistance blocks us from experiencing the beauty of what is.

Today, my intention is to simply handle my own life with joy and ease. I choose to bring a kind and loving heart to our meeting place.

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