Listen to your inner wisdom

You can experience Oneness in a world of difference.

“Looking with a mind that’s awake reveals the shimmering pulse of life. Looking with a mind full of thoughts reveals only your thoughts.”
~Ezra Bayda~ 

Each of us has access to innate wisdom of lifetimes of experience. Our angels, spirit guides, healing masters and helpers consistently offer support and insight, yet, we often feel alone and confused.

To awaken is to learn how to listen with an open heart. Messages from the ego will cause anxiety and destroy your peace in the present moment, while authentic messages of wisdom will bring grace and empowerment – even in the midst of upheaval.

Find your own unique way of accessing your inner knowledge. Utilize gratitude, meditation, music, silence or be creative. All of life supports you on this journey. Know that you are loved every step of the way.

Today my intention is to be willing to receive love and support from the Universe. All that I need is already here.

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