Life is a reflection

All of life is a reflection of your current state of consciousness.

That’s Right! I am willing to see clearly     
Each of us experiences life through the filter created by our level of consciousness. Someone vibrating at the level of Fear will have a far different interpretation of a situation than someone vibrating at the level of Acceptance or Love. Likewise, communication between two people of differing consciousness can be challenging – the person who is more aware must often take greater care to ensure understanding (and exercise patience in the process).

It’s important to recognize our projections as they occur. Some are providing you an opportunity to see how much you have grown and others can clarify what your soul is working on healing.

The inspired spiritual student becomes excited by the limitless potential of the Now and seeks to apply new knowledge to the world as it unfolds. This is the beauty of infinite possibility. We can choose how we experience life. Let the reflections you see motivate you to higher levels of consciousness. The circumstances around you provide the optimal conditions for your spiritual evolution.

Today my intention is to recognize that awareness is the first step in healing or changing. I am a lifetime student of love.

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