Let your life be your message

We are One.
“All of life is a circle or spiral of experience, and no point on the circle is better than any other.”
~From Michael, the Basic Teachings~
In judgment, we believe that the other person should “know better” and demand that they have greater self-awareness; however, it’s important to remember that each of us is doing the best that we can based upon our level of consciousness. As we evolve, our perception expands and we choose to act far differently than we did when we were asleep.

There are five different soul ages:
Infant – learning about basic survival
Baby – needs rules, religion, structure, sees things in black and white
Young – seeks to explore power, control, greed, skeptical about science
Mature –  seeks to develop compassion and focuses on healing family, community and the planet, lots of drama
Old – attention turns toward spiritual growth, detaches from drama and begins to teach others. The last lesson that we master is unconditional love for self and others

It makes no sense to expect a young soul to understand the importance of love and compassion. They have not yet had the experiences or spiritual growth to make that possible. Similarly, one wouldn’t expect a sixth grader to suddenly understand calculus. Instead, we would assist in teaching fundamentals and lovingly support them throughout
their level of learning with the knowledge that they will explore higher levels of knowledge later.
Before you can accept others, you must learn to accept yourself. Always begin within. It’s important to remember that all paths are valid and play a role in our collective soul development, regardless of how it may appear. We are all just walking one another home.
Today my intention is to let my life be my message. 
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