Lessons in Love

Our pets play an important role on the journey of awakening. As I began writing, my Pomeranian just insisted that I stop and play for a while. I immediately put aside my work and gave my full attention to a moment of love and snuggles. Though it may have only lasted a few minutes, the energy we shared was healing, calming and felt outside of time.

Animals choose to incarnate as our helpers and act as guides, reminding us how to stay present and love unconditionally. They have a reincarnational series of seven lifetimes as one species and often develop deep connections with a particular human throughout the path of transformation. Each animal remembers all prior lifetimes completely and will often manifest fears and preferences that it adopted in past lives. This helps to give the more advanced animals their special personalities.

When you have a special bond with a beloved pet, it brings added layers of dimension to your life and spiritual growth. They often remind us the importance of taking the time to enjoy the warmth of the sun, to release our worries and play a little and demonstrate the power of unconditional love when we need it most.

Pay attention to the lessons that unfold in your experience through the love, nurturing, loss, healing, and emotional connections that you experience. Honor the sacredness of all beings that cross your path by living with an open heart.

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