Journey within yourself

Life has a tendency to distract us from seeing our own beauty.

“It’s as though, knowing that everything is possible, suddenly nothing is necessary.”
~Diana Gabaldon~

Just be. Get out of the stories of the mind, release the limiting beliefs about who you are. Seek to create freedom from the constricting movement of thought, the “shoulds” that destroy the peace of the present moment.

It takes practice to release habitual thoughts and behavior. Old thoughts and ways of being create creases of energy that draw back us into patterns that distract us from seeing our own beauty.

Before you travel hither and yon searching for meaning, gurus and experiences. Stop, be still and breathe. When you look beneath the roles you play, you’ll discover only an enchanting realm of infinite possibility. It’s in that realm that freedom awaits, and it already exists within you.

Bring stillness wherever you are. There’s no one special to be or anything to prove. You are here Now, and that’s all that matters.

Today my intention is to honor myself, my journey and this moment as sacred.

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