Journey Into the Unknown

“The journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step…”
~Lao Tzu~

How many times have you felt paralyzed by the immensity of a task you have embarked upon, the depth of desired internal transformation or the unknown future? The mind can race with every conceivable possibility and fear, leaving us paralyzed in the face of uncertainly.

When our thoughts are focused on intention rather than fear, they guide the way through the darkness. A true test of faith shows us the uncanny inner strength we discover when we choose to step across the void into the unknown. But everything boils down to one simple choice – to take the first step… and then another, and another and see what unfolds.

The Path of Transformation allows us to discover facets of our personalities that have remained hidden to us. Each step forward and the choice to let go of the ego’s need to control a given situation provides a sense of adventure and delight – and we begin to see through mind-made fears to the ever-changing wonder of life.

Life provides the fusion of opposites. We begin to see the gift within the challenge, the loss hidden within a gift. The contrasts of life do not oppose one another, they strengthen one another. We are the embodiment of the union and integration of life, the mystical union which was once referred to as alchemy. As we resolve our inner conflicts, the resulting unique blend of attributes, strength and wisdom becomes our natural state of being.

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