Positive intention is a gift that we give ourselves.
That’s Right! I am willing to accept a miracle
Intention is powerful, and as a living spark of the Divine, your words reverberate with strength. What do you expect to receive every day? How smoothly do you expect life to flow? Pay attention… and if you wonder what intention you send out into the world, simply observe the patterns of your life and make healthy changes whenever required.
Experience is always determined by one’s perception; therefore, consciously choose to find the gifts within any situation, expect joyful surprises, walk fearlessly, and above all, honor the present moment as sacred by experiencing it from a space of awareness and acceptance.
This infinite Universe has enough room and energy to accommodate the desires of one and all simultaneously. It’s important to understand that the desires of the ego may be significantly different from the desire of the soul. The soul is always engaged in awakening, cultivating compassion, releasing judgment and healing. The events which unfold provide the space in which transformation can occur.
Today my intention is to be a loving reflection of the peace and presence in others.
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