Living your potential is not about achievement, it’s about discovery and the joy of finding what you have been carrying within you all along. Look inward by taking a moment to sit quietly and be fully present without the distraction of thought. Simply reside in the fullness of Now without expectation or desire and see what you discover. Ultimately, you will find unity.

The goal is to gain a new vision. The moment we begin to see clearly, things begin to change. The mind carries confusion – thoughts fighting to be heard, noticed or believed – and once we become aware of the mechanics of the ego, we find freedom from the clamoring cacophony because we are no longer identified with the old way of being. Then, infinite possibilities await discovery.

Celebration is the joyful recognition of the gifts you have received, a dance of gratitude and thankfulness. Don’t wait for a desired outcome to unfold before you celebrate. Instead, stop and find something in this moment for which you can be grateful and celebrate it Now. Then, the energy will begin to flow throughout your life and you may just find yourself living in a world filled with wonder.

Today my intention is to open my consciousness to all the wonderful possibilities that life has to offer.


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