Inner space

The spaces in between hold infinite potential.
That’s right! Divine peace and love surround me and dwell in me
When your consciousness is no longer completely absorbed by thought, it is possible to open completely to the Now. Without preconceived thoughts, expectation, judgment or demands, you can step into the role of observer.

This spacious consciousness is freedom. In this higher state of awareness we set ourselves free from enslavement by the world of form. The expression of inner peace guides us throughout our lives, influencing our decisions and inspiring our actions.

Spiritual awareness allows you to enjoy the unfoldment of your destiny with passion and joy. Once you no longer seek satisfaction from outside of yourself, you create space around the emotional highs and lows of your experience – and that space is peace.

Today, my intention is to remember that all perceived problems come from limiting thought patterns. I am willing to create space in my experience.
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