Inner Presence

“Maturity has nothing to do with your life experiences. It has something to do with you inward journey, experiences of the inner.”

Presence is achieved by going inward and accessing grace. The ego disappears, the roles and life situations become transparent and only empowered silence remains. When you begin to realize that you are much, much more than the stories of the mind, you have planted the seeds of your own spiritual maturity.

Existence itself is ready to communicate with you. Go inward and listen. The Divine seeks expression through you – allow it to flow without limitation. Be. Spiritual maturity is the realization of your potential.

As your awareness opens to new levels, your energy begins to have a greater impact – not only on yourself and those around you but also on the collective consciousness of the planet. This is how we participate in the awakening of which we are all a part.

The greatest gift that you can give is conscious Presence. Often, spiritual seekers are called upon to be frequency holders whose peacefulness can transform others’ energetic fields. From this place of balance we can share healing energy, light and prayers while holding the frequency of love.


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