Inner peace

You are the master of your own experience.
That’s Right! Peace begins with me

It’s important to remember that you are responsible for your own joy. When you seek fulfillment outside of yourself, you choose to give away your power. Then happiness becomes measured by expectation, attachment to outcomes and reliant upon other people’s choices.

When gratitude, mindfulness, joy and peace come from within, we gain mastery over our own experience. Now life becomes a journey of discovery and adventure. We bring a different energy to the present moment – one that is empowered and aligned with life itself.

This is what is means to take responsibility for your own joy. It’s a choice that you make again and again throughout your journey. Should you notice any form of discontent arise in your experience, observe your thoughts.When you shine the light of consciousness on the ego, it loses it’s momentum and you are able to create a space where a transformation can occur.

Today my intention is to bring mindfulness to my journey. I am grateful for this moment of perfection.
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