Inner mastery

Mastery is not about having power over others, but over oneself. Each of us walks the Path of Transformation as masters in the process of awakening… the only difference is in how much awareness one has attained.

There is no way to teach truth, it must be authentically lived in each and every moment. It is beyond words, an energy transmission that flows from enlightened ones to those with whom they come in contact. Many go to spend times with various teachers just to bask in this energy. It is revitalizing, inspiring and captivating and brings a sense of balance to those who are ready to receive.

True support, whether between teacher and student, friendships, family or love, leaves enough space for the winds of heaven to dance in between. We allow others to stand individually, rotted in their own Divine connection, with no desire that things be anything other than what they are. The sharing of insight, kindness and compassion flows without any attachment to desired outcomes and is truly unconditional.

There is a deep desire which emanates from the core of your being to live in harmony with life itself. As we move from the known into the unknown, this eternal dance takes us forward to live again and again until we become aware of our inner mastery.

No matter what the situation, you can choose joy. Even in the midst of great transformation, there is great clarity rooted in the stillness deep at the core of your being and it is available for you now. In every moment we have the option to accept or reject what is. Rejection brings pain while acceptance creates a flow of ease and grace within one’s experience.

Today my intention is to live in harmony with the Now and share this gift of joy and acceptance with those who grace my path with their presence.

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