Inner mastery

How are you choosing to experience this moment?
“I see only harmony around me at all times. I am always safe and secure.” 
~Louise Hay~
The only thing over which you have complete control is how you respond to life. Life is at it is; however, our thoughts determine the level of joy, enthusiasm, frustration or anger we ultimately experience. Notice where your thoughts take you and simply change course when required.

Consider the experience created when one dwells only upon a perceived problem. The thoughts add layers of energy, repeating and repeating until something triggers an explosion of frustration or anger or the person self medicates in some way.

Conversely, another person may approach a similar problem in a more conscious manner. It begins the same with some level of frustration or discomfort arising; however, this person notices the issue, observes their initial response and immediately sets their mind toward possible solutions or ways to create balance as they learn from the situation.

You have the power to experience life in any way that you choose. If stuck in a repetitive pattern, break free by doing things differently. Focus upon what you would like to create rather than what you feel is blocking you. Seek joy in the present moment. Let your thoughts and actions open a new world of possibilities.

Today my intention is to see this moment as a sweet, new beginning. 
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