Inner Guidance

“Following our inner guidance may feel risky and frightening at first, because we are no longer playing it safe, doing what we ‘should’ do, pleasing others, following rules, or deferring to outside authority.”
~Shakti Gawain~

Life becomes much easier when we learn to trust our inner guidance. The instinctual joy we experience when we feel a deep connection to a particular place, person, book, animal, home or anything else one can imagine unlocks the door to a life filled with magic and exhilaration.

In those moments we feel great about the choice and our spirit just seems to resonate with the present moment with a resounding “Yes!”

… But then the mind begins… “What if? What if I fail? What if I get my heart broken? What if I lose money? What if things don’t turn out the way I planned?” The insidious mechanisms of the ego always seem to strike at the most vulnerable aspect of the personality – and that is it’s job. The ego acts as an indicator of what remains to be healed. Notice that I used the word “personality” which is the temporary role we utilize for a lifetime. It has nothing to do with the true spirit that is awakening within each and every one of us.

Trust allows us to release the need for the protective walls we have built around us. There is nothing that can be taken from you. There are only experiences that ultimately bridge us to the love that resides at the core of everything.

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