Inner Beauty and Grace

The life-force of the universe flows through you into all that you do.

“Spiritual practice is not a mindless repetition of ritual or prayer. It works through consciously realizing the law of cause and effect. Perhaps we can sense the potential of awakening in ourselves, but we must also see that it doesn’t happen by itself. How we act, how we relate to ourselves, to our bodies, to the people around us, to our work, creates the kind of world we live in, creates our very freedom.” 
~Jack Kornfield~

The challenges we face are not obstacles on the journey – they are the journey. Each step sparks new opportunities to bring love and mindfulness to our life situations. See yourself as the universe in motion and bring that understanding to each and every interaction.

Of course there will be moments when you shine and others when you may feel that you’ve missed the mark; however, there are no mistakes. Whatever energy you set in motion is what you require for your souls growth or to facilitate growth in others. When you act from the heart, love moves through you.

Your presence makes a profound difference in the world. Be willing to learn something new about yourself every day, until, like a multifaceted crystal, you transform the light of the universe into something new and beautiful and unique.

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