Infinite Potential

“You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination.”
~Roman Payne~ 
Ultimately, spiritual awakening is about living fully present. It is the gathering of experience, the awakening of wisdom and the expression of blissfulness. Share your joy. Drink the nectar of life and allow those in your realm of influence to share in the abundance.
Only within the stories of the mind do we feel trapped, believing that our beliefs and problems are immovable objects. Everything is energy – light, ever-changing and transformative – ready to bring freedom to the awakened spirit. All transformation begins with a thought. Thought begets movement, and movement opens new channels of energy that contain infinite potential.
When challenges seem too big to handle, begin the process of transformation by changing your thoughts. Make things more manageable by remembering that all boundaries and limitations are self-imposed. Bring the light touch of awareness to those subtle changes in consciousness, choose mindful action and observe how your life situation begins to move in new directions.
Your life is a dance of discovery. You stand at the threshold of infinite possibility, the space in which life unfolds, the realm of pure potential.
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