Infinite Possibility

“Day by day become more and more intimate with the inner stillness, joy and love, which is the fragrance of your own pure heart.”

You are here to discover your true nature as a divine, infinite spirit of pure potential.

We dream a new world into being by opening to possibility, being willing to accept a miracle and encouraging growth – both in ourselves and in those around us. Practice living beyond expectation and limitation and allow the source of all life to flow through you. Keep things simple. Miracles happen when we get out of our own way.

Take the time to breathe. Create balance often throughout the day using the tools that you have acquired. Since nothing is static, it’s empowering to look at a situation with the realization that there are still many facets waiting to be explored.

Life will always present the ideal situation for your growth. The spiritual student will look at a challenge and ask themselves what there is to be learned. A master will look at the ease and joys of life asking the very same question…

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