Immersed in Now

Spend this day as a conscious observer. See how much you can engage with life while saying very little. This will allow you to actively participate and you may come away with a greater understanding of your own level of consciousness (not to mention greater clarity regarding those with whom you interact).

Many people live trapped by fear – and fear is born from lack of compassion and understanding. They seek to be better than someone else, or worry that they may fall short. That fear and worry translate to a lack of joy.

As a conscious spiritual seeker, you can choose to see everyone as an expression of the Divine. Loving waves of energy will then flow outward from you, multiply and find their way back, often in miraculous and unexpected ways.

The art of stillness is one that consistently needs to be cultivated in the midst of a busy and ever-changing world. It’s the one aspect of you that will never change, a great wellspring of peace and power that exists to provide balance and replenish your soul.

You can create miracles in your experience. Open your heart to the wonders of the Universe – they are all around you!

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