Immerse yourself in the flow of life

Awakened spiritual seekers develop three gifts that help them to transcend the world of drama and conflict:
The gift of audacity
The gift of patience
The gift of discernment
That’s right! I trust the processes of my awakening and step into the flow of life

Audacity is cultivated when we boldly move forward with the knowledge that we are conscious creators. Instead of demanding concrete answers and guarantees before we take that first step, we learn the art of boldness in the face of the unknown. Live daringly and act with inspiration, for you are an limitless, infinite spirit exploring time and space.

Patience is not simply about sitting back and waiting. It is knowing when to act and when to be still. It is taking the time to replenish your spirit or understanding that sometimes we need to allow things to unfold before jumping into reactive action.

Discernment is the unemotional observation of the facts. It allows us to step back, re-frame limiting perceptions, empower and recognize the perfection in the present moment.

“We cannot succeed in life or the spiritual path by avoiding challenges and being inactive. We must play our part in life, according to our given nature, but with detachment, knowing that something greater than ourselves acts through us.” ~ Alberto Villoldo

Today, my intention is to go with the flow and walk this sacred journey with integrity

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