“When we shine our light,
We help others through the darkness.
When we show them their own light,
We begin to illuminate the world.
Speak kindly, love deeply, have faith.”
~Wendy Rae~

Everything and everyone carries a unique vibrational frequency. The art of spiritual awakening is a consistent movement to expanding realms of illumination and understanding, each of which offers a greater perspective, both of the self and of others. Higher vibrations bring freedom from the intense emotional suffering of the egoic mind and provides an awareness of the infinite nature of the Now.

Along the way we learn compassion, unconditional love, forgiveness, gratitude, courage and humility. The light of the Divine shines through us as we feel compelled to share our gifts. The world longs for light givers and the grace they bring to existence.

Each step you take on the Path of Transformation transcends and includes the steps taken before. We integrate new information and energy knowing that this awakening is available to all who are willing to embark upon this journey of initiation. Others have left road maps. The great masters and teachers know that it’s not enough to study, take workshops or quote spiritual sayings. We must consciously live in our truth while exploring a unique, personal relationship with the Infinite. Prefer the company of visionaries who dream the world into being and see their reflection in you.

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