Honoring Your Feelings

Taoists teach that tears are the “first sign of ice melting” and that they can be a powerful movement of Qi energy.

“Across the planes of consciousness we have to live with the paradox that opposite things can simultaneously be true.”    
~Ram Dass~ 

As we awaken to our exquisite beauty and divinity, there will be times when the illusion of separateness creates feelings of fear, loss, lack or anxiety. The veil of tears is a sign that indicates a breakthrough is at hand. Feel whatever it is that you are feeling, then go deeper. Look for the story that you have come to believe and then see beyond it to the truth of the present moment.

Within our awareness of temporary unconsciousness, we are actually becoming more conscious. Awareness is the first phase of transformation. So, do not reject feelings that arise – use them as the doorway to new insight, meaning and purpose.

Bless the moments of paradox when they arise in your experience. There is a blending of mind, body and spirit that is occurring and ultimately it will lead to a new level of understanding and peace.

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