Honor This Moment as Sacred

Cultivate the ability to be at ease with the unknown.

“When difficulties arise, one of our first reactions is to ask “Why?” We want knowledge, logic, simple causality. We think this kind of knowing is necessary to alleviate our discomfort. Yet, most often, the reasons we come up with to explain why we think and behave the way we do are at best only marginally accurate. In reality, everything affects everything else, everything relates to everything else. The complexity of this inter-relatedness defies description, and our subjective filters make explanation even more dubious. Yet we still look for simple explanations to account for what we see, unaware of the blinders obscuring our vision. Deep understanding never lies in the cognitive world of why, but in directly experiencing the ambiguous complexity of the present moment.”  
~Ezra Bayda~ 

The mind seeks answers and explanations. The ego projects the belief that all will be well with a definitive plan in place and creates distraction by constant search and analysis. There is more truth to be discovered by genuinely living in the present moment and placing your full attention on whatever you are experiencing now.

As I was writing the words above (a mind generated process to be sure), my dog Minky distracted me mid-sentence with a gentle middle of the night “woof…” At once I was prompted to stop and gaze into her eyes. We experienced a moment of smiling doggy love which I joyfully realized was the most important thing to experience in all the world at that moment. Rather than being a distraction, it was a simple reminder that love is alive and all is well.

The profundity of the human experience lies in our ability to honor the present moment as sacred, however it presents itself. And in that sacredness, we can act with integrity, do our best and accept what is.

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