Holding Space

You can create the space in which a transformation can occur.
“Love and freedom are two sides of the same coin. It is one flower, and it can blossom only when both are allowed dignity and respect.”  

We can create change when we remove our ego from a situation. When the other has nothing to fight against, negative energy cannot continue to feed upon itself. This empowered and voluntary form of surrender is sometimes referred to as holding space. Choosing to maintain a healthy state of consciousness – even when caught in the midst of chaos or drama – breaks up the energy of repetitive cycles. Rather than perpetuating more conflict, the spiritual seeker holds space and has the potential to discover the limitless possibilities that exist in that space.

Love and respect teach us the art of allowing. Gently we continue to trust that those with whom we interact will evolve in their own way at the perfect time. Awareness cannot be rushed. Continue to be consistent and patient with those who grace your life as you progress on your own spiritual journey.


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