Choose to see the perfection in the imperfection.

“We dread the helplessness of losing control. Yet freedom lies in recognizing the reality that some things are ever beyond our control – the only option is to make peace with helplessness itself.”
~Ezra Bayda~

Intense change is a shock to the system. Just as a loud noise can immediately jolt you from sleep into wakefulness, so too can unexpected events propel you into spiritual awakening.
All I look out my window, I see the night on fire. Knowing that all is perfect, all I can do is move into acceptance and readiness. The possible need to evacuate prompts us to re-examine what is truly important as we gather loved ones together.
Challenges provide an opportunity to come together, to love one another and see beyond perceived differences. So, like many, I walk the paradoxical line between readiness and trust that all is well.
Today my intention is to be at peace and say “Yes” to life.
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