Healthy relationships

Love yourself enough to create space within your relationships, allowing the winds of heaven to dance in between…

That’s Right! I recognize the Divine within all people and situations

When two balanced souls connect, the retain their uniqueness even as they unite. Rather than collapsing into a union, they create a partnership that leads to greater soul awareness for both. This freedom brings unimaginable gifts to the experience of connection.

Relationships mirror the love we have for ourselves. Does the ego bring fear and clinging to your life situations or do you feel safe and supported on the journey? Bring your attention to your interactions today – family, friends, lovers, partners – whether the connection is for a moment or for a lifetime, honor it as sacred.

Create a space in which a transformation can occur. As you continue to awaken, it will be reflected by your willingness to accept, forgive and laugh with patience. You will break free of old patterns and step into a whole new world of possibility.

Today my intention is to radiate health, happiness, prosperity and peace of mind. All is well.  

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