Healing emotional wounds

Life will always provide the perfect situation for your growth.

“What is the path? Residing in this very life, exactly as it is right now… liking or not liking has nothing to do with it.”  
~ Ezra Bayda~   

From time to time even the most advanced spiritual students can get surprised by a situation which triggers old wounds and brings intense emotions to the surface. Often, this is accompanied by an ego-generated thought that adds in a layer of self-judgment such as, “I know better. I should be beyond this by now.”

Rather than attempting to push down the emotion, explain it away intellectually or taking action to address the situation, choose to quietly go within. Gently examine the stories that surface in the mind. Whether it is a repetitive pattern in your experience or something new, it contains specific value in this moment of your journey of awakening.

Honor those who grace your life. Accept them as they are, and most importantly, accept yourself as you are in this moment. Every situation offers an opportunity to rise above the mechanisms of the mind, heal emotional wounds and awaken your inner wisdom. Be gentle with yourself. Everything works toward your highest good – always.

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