Happiness vs inner peace

Let peace begin with me.
That’s Right! The joy in my life is overflowing. My life gets better all the time
It’s easy to be joyful when things are flowing well – nearly anyone can tap into that energy. The gift is learning how to access inner peace during ALL moments – happy, boring, uplifting, exciting, sad, neutral, frustrating, fulfilling or challenging. All are one – merely experience. Those who have mastered the art of inner peace can flow with whatever unfolds with a quiet mind and open heart.
All of us have moments where we miss the mark and that’s ok. Eckhart Tolle teaches that unless we can greet the present moment with joy, enthusiasm or acceptance, there is more work to be done. Our ability to access those wonderful planes of existence lies within in the space in which all things are experienced.
The next time you listen to music, take a moment to appreciate the gaps between the notes, those quiet moments that give even more meaning to the melody and then apply that same innate knowledge to your life. The beauty lies in the gaps within the movement of space and time, in the realm of infinite possibility… and there you can find the beauty of your soul.
Today my intention is to look forward with enthusiasm to the adventures of the day
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