Happiness is a choice

Happiness comes from within.

“I focus on positive thoughts because the thoughts I think and the words I speak create my experiences.”
~Louise Hay~

The world is filled with infinite possibility. We know this, yet sometimes experience an internal struggle when the ego immediately jumps to the worst case scenario in a given situation. Typically, the damning thought begins with “What if…” followed by the most negative possibility.

When you allow a thought to replay in the mind, it creates a crease in your energetic field, making it easier and easier to get drawn back to that idea. The moment you observe limiting or negative thoughts arise, purposely ask yourself what other outcomes are a possibility. Think of at least 10 – they’ll likely span both the positive and negative. The more you consider, the more diffused the energy will be and it will be easier to consciously turn your mind to thoughts that support your joy rather than destroy it.

Happiness comes from within. Each of is responsible for our own happiness and thankfully, we are more than equipped to create it in our experience. The awakening soul learns to pay attention to whatever arises and utilize it as a tool for growth. Extend loving kindness to yourself and watch the changes flow throughout your life.

Today my intention is to create peacefulness in my mind. I trust my inner wisdom.
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