Happiness and harmony

Your energy is limitless. No matter what you have discovered so far, remember this: you have barely scratched the surface of your potential.

“Overflowing energy becomes celebration. When the energy is dancing in you, in unison, in a deep harmony, in rhythm and flow, you become a blessing to the world.”
As you learn to accept life energy as a loving dialogue with the Divine, you will be enriched, your experiences will sparkle with new vitality and your mere presence will help uplift the world.

Know that you are safe. Fear blocks the process and creates limitation; therefore, we must learn how to drop fear as we look inward. This beautiful energy and potential is the essence of your being.

Any action taken from higher states of consciousness is an expression of love. Focus on the joy of the present moment rather than desired results, and the movement of your life will be a dance rather than a struggle.

Today my intention is to live in wonder and celebration.


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