Happiness is a choice.

“I take full responsibility for every aspect of my life.”
~Louise Hay~

Sometimes I am asked, “When will I be happy?” or “Will I ever be happy?” as if it’s out of ones control. It’s interesting to realize that some believe happiness is only attained after everything in their world falls into place. This is merely ego-driven, linear thinking that masquerades as truth.

Awakening calls upon us to take full responsibility for our state of consciousness Now. There is no need to wait. We can purposely bring joy into our life situations, actively seek it in the present moment and make it the foundation of our experience. When you choose joy, life must rise up to meet you in that vibration. This doesn’t imply that you will never have sad moments or struggle in the midst of challenge; however, struggle (or the idea of temporarily missing the mark) will never again rule your state of consciousness.

Joy allows us to access something greater. It opens our perception and creates an inspired form of being. It heals the heart and bring grace to the soul.

Today my intention is to constantly have new insights and new ways of looking at the world.

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