Gratitude and joy

Be a conscious creator.

That’s right! Every change in my life leads me to greater understanding

Our beliefs, thoughts and actions create a flow of energy that shifts everything around us. No matter what you seek, it will be revealed to you. Many people say they want to be happy, but yet they remain caught in thought processes that create suffering somehow thinking that joy will simply come once life straightens itself out.

“Pain is physical, suffering is mental. Suffering is due entirely to clinging or resisting. It is a sign of our unwillingness to move, to flow with life. Although all life has pain, a wise life is free of suffering. A wise person is friendly with the inevitable and does not suffer. Pain they know but it does not break them. If they can, they do what is possible to restore balance. If not, they let things take their course.”
~ Nisargadatta ~

No matter what you wish to manifest on your journey of awakening, you will be provided with the opportunities and the means to create it within you. If you seek to cultivate patience, you will provided with myriad opportunities to be patient – people will slow down around you, you’ll need to wait for an answer you desire or it may feel that nothing is shifting in your world. In these instances, the first reaction may be impatience; however, the soul will begin it’s work (often with the little things) until patience is a strong aspect of your being. At the core of this transformation is joy – the joy that comes from manifesting new and healthy attributes as well as the knowledge that the Universe is conspiring on your behalf, though at times it may have felt like the opposite was happening.

With this in mind, face challenges with gratitude. They have come into your experience to provide you with the growth that you seek… Be patience with the process and with yourself and relax into the present moment with stillness and compassion.
Today, my intention is to easily flow with new experiences and new opportunities.

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