Go higher

Choose to recognize the Divine in everyone you meet.

“I am compassionate and understanding. I forgive and forget.”
~Louise Hay~

Sometimes it can be challenging to remember to honor one another as sacred. It’s easy to be Zen when you’re sitting in silence in a beautiful space, not quite as much when someone is yelling in your face. The key is to see through the mechanisms of the ego to the soul of the person with whom you’re dealing. And the easiest way to see clearly is to be clear within yourself.

This is why gratitude is such an important factor when beginning the day. Gratitude raises your vibration and declares your willingness to take responsibility for your own state of consciousness to the Universe. It sends waves of positive and vibrant energy out into the world.

Set the intention to bring the highest version of yourself to your interactions today. Keep in mind that when you choose to work on a particular aspect of your growth, the Universe will typically coordinate several different opportunities to put that skill into action… So, the moment someone begins to act in a way that is frustrating, think back to the intention you set. Smile and then lovingly choose to see through the behavior with the knowledge that it is there to assist you with this aspect of your awakening.

Today my intention is to be a loving reflection of the peace and Presence in others. Let me be an authentic example of kindness, acceptance and unconditional love. 
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