Giving Love

Create space in which a transformation can occur.

“What we want most from another is often most difficult for them to give. Conversely, what’s most difficult for us to give is often what another wants most from us.”
~Ezra Bayda~ 

Every relationship in your life provides an opportunity to become a better version of yourself. Neediness, desire, frustration or feelings of lack often push us into areas of self-awareness and growth that we would never venture on our own. Notice these feelings of discomfort when they arise and rather than feeding energy into them, go deeper within to discover the emotional wound that is ready to be healed. Your awareness and attention begin the process of transformation.

Let your actions be guided by joy rather than by fear or lack. When you can give without attachment or expectation, you allow the limitless love of the Divine to flow through you. Whether interacting with family, friends, lovers or strangers, be love. Your kindness can transform the world. Those who grace your life need you to be your authentic self. Do your best, act with integrity, accept what is.

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