From Breakdown to Breakthrough


When the mind overwhelms you, don’t despair. You have reached a transformative moment in your development.

“In English we have two words, very beautiful, of great significance: one is breakdown, the other is breakthrough. Breakdown is when you don’t know any meditation and your logic becomes irrelevant. Then there is a breakthrough: you enter into a new world, a new vision, a new perspective.” 

In the midst of struggle it can sometimes feel like your mind has become the enemy. Its incessant activity keeps you up at night replaying the events of the day or worrying about the future. Meditation seems impossible and some seek outside distractions in order to cope.

We must observe the antics of the mind without falling prey to its limiting stories and beliefs. When intense emotions arise don’t run from them, turn inward and shine the light of consciousness upon them. The willingness to face your shadows opens the possibility of a breakthrough. We must operate through the heart rather than through the mind.

Use the koan “What is this?” to move deeper and deeper to the heart of the issue. When anger or sadness arises, turn inward. What has triggered the feeling? Go deeper, where did the attachment begin? And deeper still, how can recognizing the imbalance be transformed into empowerment?

When you can transform a breakdown into a breakthrough, you are one step closer to mastery.

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