Fear and the ego

Fear is the created by the perception that one is alone and disconnected from the Divine. All fear is generated by the ego – that little voice in the head which creates the images and thoughts of worst case scenarios – and it blocks us from experiencing all the beauty and potential that the moment has to offer.

There is no need to prove anything and we can detach from fear by reminding ourselves that everything works toward our highest good (regardless of how it appears) and all that you need is already within you. Since fear and love cannot coexist, as you release fearful thoughts, love enters.

When you wish to manifest transformation in your life, seek the joy in the present moment. Practice gratitude and you will become a magnet for more things for which to be grateful. All the energy that you send out into the world returns to unexpected ways.

Let each day simply be a walking meditation, a communion with the Divine and seek that connection within each and every interaction. Blessings await!

Today my intention is to move beyond limited human thinking and live in alignment with the Divine where all things are possible.

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