Facing the Unknown

Exploration of life allows us to discover hidden aspects of ourselves.

“Once we’re thrown off our habitual paths,
we think all is lost,
but it’s only here
that the new and the good begins.”
~Leo Tolstoy~

Facing the unknown with courage doesn’t mean that fear does not arise. However; courage is a by-product of ones willingness to walk through life knowing that there is a purpose to the madness and every situation has something of value to teach.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable and authentic. Life’s journey will lead you through the ecstasies of joy and connection as well as the heartbreak of confusion or loss. Our pilgrimage is layered with every imaginable type of experience, and it is through experience that we awaken.

Gradually you will discover the gift your soul requires. You’ll venture into the dark only to discover the light that you carry within. This light sparks confidence and passion, emboldening you to cross the threshold into a new realm of experience… and it is here that you will come to know yourself as sacred, eternal and beautiful.

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