Give mother earth the opportunity to share her secrets with you.

That’s Right! I choose to live in harmony with all that is around me

If you haven’t had the chance lately to hug a tree or commune with nature, now is the time. Hear Gaia’s gentle whispers and allow her teach how to experience the wonder of life itself.

Many people collect experiences. They share their thoughts and their pictures, attend workshops and listen to gurus. But rather than having an experience, it’s important to enter the realm of experience. Open to the miraculous – it comes with no fanfare, it does not boast when it appears, nor express regret when things change or evolve, it is simply the subtle touch of reverence in the Now.

Learn from life. All that you need is within you and living with an open heart will activate that inner wisdom. Observe, participate and enter the joy that surrounds you. If you seek it from an outside source it will continue to elude; however, inner exploration is an eternal journey. This is the moment of transformation… will you use it as such?

Today my intention is to create a world where it is safe to love one another.

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