Experience as an awakener

Many times we are unaware of the limitations we place upon ourselves. We become caught up in expectation and lost in the stories of lack, anger, resentment or desire without realizing that we are lost within illusion. In these moments the soul sends out a beacon of light, asking for someone or something to aid in the process of awakening. Life responds and we manifest something which brings our deepest issues to the surface.

See the challenges that arise in your experience as gifts. First will come the emotional reaction, frustration, the desire to change the situation and finally, the opportunity to become aware of what is occurring on a spiritual level as it is happening. No matter what situation has appeared, realize that it is a reflection of you. Observe your own state of mind and ask the Divine to help you see clearly. Once we are willing to simply notice, go within and own our own stuff without judgment, the work can begin.

Those who participate by playing a role in your awakening are your healing angels. We dance with one another, bringing out the best (and sometimes the worst) in us as part of our exploration in time and space. As you evolve and become more aware of your divinity, the reactions will lessen and the movement toward healing will accelerate.

Today my intention is to honor each step of the journey as sacred. I am grateful for those who walk with me.

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