Everything is Love

Love shines through the contrasts in your life.

“Magic happens when you use the power of your heart and mind to create reality. Miracles happen when you allow the universe to manifest its love for you.”
~Witney Ibe~

Self love inspires a willingness to experience whatever life has to offer with an open heart. The journey will invariably lead us through every type of circumstance imaginable and the disruption and turbulence we face fosters greater compassion for one another. The challenges we encounter prompt us to change our perception, often several times over the course of a life. When we stand at the threshold of a new world, the act of walking forward brings us into more profound states of awareness.

Honor the processes of your awakening. Even though you may feel that you are fumbling your way toward ecstasy, embrace your journey knowing that it will ultimately become an inspiration. New facets of confidence and empowerment are ready to be discovered. This day, this moment, these circumstances are sacred… as are you.

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