Everyday holds the possibility of a miracle

Release expectation.

That’s right! I move beyond limited human-mind thinking and align myself with the infinite Divine Mind, where all things are possible  

Experiencing the deepest connection with life often requires taking a step into unknown territory. Leaving your comfort zone is the easiest way to practice releasing expectation. In those moments we open to whatever experience life has to offer and explore the vast regions of the heart.

Repetition makes most people feel safe. Limitations are created and managed to and deviations from the known are considered mistakes or obstacles to be avoided.

The spiritual seeker understands that obstacles are the path. They often lead us into that unknown territory and call upon us to cultivate the lessor used aspects of our awakening nature.

Love the challenges of your life. You have the strength and insight to handle whatever comes your way – rising above, learning, expanding, accepting and creating as you take one more step forward with faith and grace.

Today, my intention is to greet life with an open heart.

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