“What drains your spirit drains your body. What fuels your spirit fuels your body.”
~Carolyn Myss~

No truths are absolute – each one of us processes what we experience through our own unique filters of perception. There is plenty of room in an infinite universe for several viewpoints to be accepted and expressed in any given situation. The only thing that shifts perception higher (so that we can see from a broader, more informed viewpoint) is to raise one’s frequency. This is what allows us to move into acceptance and compassion.

You are a Master, as are we all, on a journey of discovery and awareness. You may be wondering how to become more self-aware and how to raise your frequency. Here are some suggestions:

  • Spend time with others who are self-aware
  • Place your focus on things that bring you joy
  • Refuse to participate in gossip or complaining
  • Embrace and express your gifts
  • Learn to meditate and quiet the mind
  • Utilize high frequency books, music, art, foods, crystals, etc. as part of your daily routine
  • Consistently cleanse negativity from your home or sacred space using sage, tones or bells, or blessed, scented water
  • Gratitude….

Never close your mind to spiritual knowledge. The continuous process of enlightenment opens new perceptions – and no matter how much you learn, it’s always just the tip of the iceberg. Each experience, challenge and inspiration reveals yet another beautiful facet that allows you to be a living expression of love.

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