Energy Awareness

Awareness is the first step of transformation.

“The ability to [consciously] respond is one of the greatest principles of growth. You are not following any order, any commandment; you are simply following your awareness.”  ~Osho~

Spirituality is not about adhering to rules and following “shoulds” that someone else has created. The awakening spirit learns to simply take responsibility for their own state of consciousness and pays attention to how they respond to life. As we evolve, our insights and actions will reflect our opening perception.

Seeking to be seen as the one who does all the right things, meditates properly, discards the trappings of power, or has a strict adherence to a particular way of eating or living is another form of ego. We must be rebels. The fixed modes and labels of society block us from bringing something new to the world.

Choose to be undefinable and authentic. Rather than reacting to life, respond to it. You are an expression of the Divine exploring the infinite possibilities of the present moment.

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