Empowerment and Personal Responsibility

“If you understand it, the world is a great device to make you conscious. Your enemy is your friend, and the curses are blessings, and the misfortunes can be turned into fortunes. It depends only on one thing: if you know the key of awareness.”

Challenging situations are blessings in disguise – always. When faced with frustration or pain, go deeper into the present moment. Without asking the other person to understand you, seek to understand yourself.
It is helpful to utilize the energy of gratitude by saying “I am grateful for this situation. Even though I may not yet understand the lesson or be aware of gift, I know one awaits me.” The willingness to be grateful in the midst of challenge opens you to higher levels of consciousness.
As you release old layers of programming and dysfunction, your life will naturally become more peaceful. Rather than being reactive, your responses will be mindful and empowered. The key to awakening is simply taking full responsibility for your life as it is while transforming the mundane into the miraculous.
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