Just a little bit of insight and awareness can transform your entire life.

“Experiencing our emotions fully, without wallowing in them or turning away, allows us to break through the layers of protective armor and connect with the heart. Fully felt, our emotions can clear the path to the deep well of compassionate love that is the essence of our being… and we are free to receive all the world.”   
~ Ezra Bayda~   

You can only truly understand what you have experienced. The mind seeks to plan, while the heart listens and acts. Nurture the garden of your heart and tend the seeds that you have planted there. Who knows how much beauty and growth may come from one new insight?

Divine energy seeks to express itself through you. No matter how you choose to share your gifts, be guided by love and compassion. Without doubt, the world has been changed by your sojourn here. Be the storyteller, be the healer, be the light that illuminates the darkness.

Feel your way to freedom. Honor the emotions that arise with the knowledge that they are meant to help you break free from restrictive thoughts and beliefs. Untethered, the energies of infinite possibility feed the flames of your life purpose in a transformative and powerful way.


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