Detached compassion

When you step into the role of observer, simply watching the antics of the mind, it becomes easier to see more clearly. Your sense of peace and inner balance is like a calm, beautiful lake and the voice of ego no more important than ripples that move across the surface. In the role of observer, things seem more amusing…

Stillness is an important quality to develop. It allows us to find ways to rise above thought and create distance from the drama and intensity of life. There is freedom to be found by turning inward whenever you can, and this is freedom that you can experience Now.

Conscious is rooted in the deep stillness of your being. It expands your energy to touch the Divine, provides clarity and brings understanding, not through the mechanisms of the mind, but through harmony with the pulse of life itself. See yourself as the observer who acts and loves and holds space while cultivating the art of detached compassion – for yourself, for those who grace your life with their presence and for the world.

When we see beyond the illusion, we are looking inward to that which is eternal. Externals often lead to judgment and preferences that keep us trapped in old patterns and behaviour. Relax into your deepest truth and know that all you need is already within you.

Today my intention is to be one with the light, love and laughter of the Universe.

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