Cycles of experience

Let your life be a gentle flow. There is no need to struggle.

“I feel safe in the rhythm and flow of my ever-changing life.”
~Louise Hay~

Right about now many people struggle with the collective belief that one can make changes and stick to them because a new year has begun. Personal karmas come to the surface and the old inner dialogue begins to play in the mind.

It’s far more empowering to discover your own cycles and live in alignment with the energy of your unique personal experience. This mindset coincides with the numerology of your date of birth. Simply add together the year of your last birthday (for most 2+0+1+7=10) and add that number to the date of month of your birthday. That will tell you the basic vibration you are under until your next birthday in 2018.

1 – new beginnings, leadership, creativity
2 – receptivity, peacemaking, gentleness
3 – going with the flow, expression, friendship
4 – stability, security, defining one’s boundaries
5 – freedom,change, movement and adventure
6 – love, family, home, harmony, compassion
7 – spiritual wisdom, solitude, seeking answers
8 – money, strength, building, power
9 – endings, completion, tolerance, service

For instance, if you determine you are in a 9 personal year, you’ll know that your soul seeks to experience endings and closures. With this in mind, you may choose not to begin any new ventures and instead, focus upon releasing things that no longer serve your growth in preparation for the next cycle. This is a very simple and conscious way of living aligned with the flow of your personal experience.
Today my intention is to honor all paths as sacred.
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