The joy of creativity lies in the act of creating itself. When we open to inspiration, our energy and actions enhance life on every level. We cultivate more beauty, gratitude, joyfulness and passion in our experience. Whether you write, play music, celebrate the art of cooking, add your flair while decorating your sacred space or dance your way through raindrops, in creativity we discover our unique connection to the Divine.

Creativity connects you to your bliss and adds dimension to your experience. In solitude you find a space to play alone in your vision. You experiment without fear, discard what doesn’t work and celebrate when it feels right. In the greatest moments thought disappears, the art disappears, the artist disappears and all that remains is the Divine, expressing itself in physical form.

Be the watcher, the observer as you dance with the Divine. Open to expression from the highest vibration possible and you will touch the energy of the masters. Then life itself becomes a mystical experience for you are a channel of light and wonderment.

Today my intention is to be open to the inspiration of love.

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